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Modern Slavery Impacts 40.3 Million victims globally

Incidents of human rights abuses, particularly in relation to modern slavery and human trafficking are increasing.

Written commitments to change are no longer enough; supply chain audits, appropriate risk management actions and clear and transparent processes are becoming the new norm.

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The Modern Slavery Act

The Modern Slavery Act was enacted in 2015 to create transparency in organisational supply chains and to assist in the uncovering of modern slavery abuses and incidents of human trafficking.

Companies that do business in the UK, and which have an annual global turnover of £36 million or more are subject to the Act.

Companies that do not fall within the scope of the Act, are seeking to voluntarily comply as the world forces companies to push ESG to the top of the corporate agenda.

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Steps to Compliance

Third Party Audit

Adequate vetting of internal procedures and third party suppliers to identify areas of concern.

Compliance Statement

Preparation of an annual report detailing the steps taken to identify and mitigate risks of modern slavery abuses.

Policies and Procedures

Implementation of robust internal policies and procedures and reporting systems and the adequate training of staff.


Provision of annual staff training which is focused on the identification and reporting of incidents of modern slavery.

Built With Purpose

Supply Unchained has at its core, a mission to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from the modern world. As such, we dedicate 10% of our profits every year to the Uhuru Project, an initiative which provides pro bono legal advice to victims of modern slavery.

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